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From Philip Mak <>
Subject Session cookies not being set
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 02:10:52 GMT
I have this in global.asa:

sub Session_OnStart {
    $Session->{count} = 0;  # initialize page view counter

But my ASP scripts are not returning cookie headers to track the
session (I checked by telnetting to port 80 and doing a manual request
and looking at the headers). As a result, every single page view is
causing a new session to be created (that might explain why my system
load average is double what it used to be...).

What might cause session cookies to not be set? I don't think it's a
code or configuration problem, because it worked fine until I had to
reinstall the OS, Apache and the CPAN modules after a hard disk

PerlSetVar NoState 0
PerlSetVar StateDir /tmp/aw_asp

/tmp/aw_asp is writable by the account running Apache.

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