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From Philip Mak <>
Subject Re: Session cookies not being set
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 21:09:27 GMT
On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 11:33:37AM -0800, Josh Chamas wrote:
> This is just a theory though, it seems to be that the session cookies
> would be set no matter what.  Now if you upgraded mod_perl & Apache, it
> may be that the PerSetVar configs are being merged differently, so that
> your settings are not what you think.  The best way to confirm this is
> to set Debug -1, and check the output in the error_log to see what
> configs Apache::ASP thinks there are running.  If you could post such
> error_log output to the list for one request that would be helpful.

Here it is:

I took an excerpt of my error_log and grepped for [9044] so that it
only shows what one process is doing.

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