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From Josh Chamas <>
Subject Re: Session cookies not being set
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 19:33:37 GMT
Philip Mak wrote:
> I have this in global.asa:
> sub Session_OnStart {
>     $Session->{count} = 0;  # initialize page view counter
> }
> But my ASP scripts are not returning cookie headers to track the
> session (I checked by telnetting to port 80 and doing a manual request
> and looking at the headers). As a result, every single page view is
> causing a new session to be created (that might explain why my system
> load average is double what it used to be...).
> What might cause session cookies to not be set? I don't think it's a
> code or configuration problem, because it worked fine until I had to
> reinstall the OS, Apache and the CPAN modules after a hard disk
> corruption.
> PerlSetVar NoState 0
> PerlSetVar StateDir /tmp/aw_asp
> /tmp/aw_asp is writable by the account running Apache.

There could be a change that your StateDir is corrupted from the hard
drive corruption you experienced, in which case the easiest fix is
shutdown the web server temporarily and delete the contents of StateDir.

This is just a theory though, it seems to be that the session cookies
would be set no matter what.  Now if you upgraded mod_perl & Apache, it
may be that the PerSetVar configs are being merged differently, so that
your settings are not what you think.  The best way to confirm this is
to set Debug -1, and check the output in the error_log to see what
configs Apache::ASP thinks there are running.  If you could post such
error_log output to the list for one request that would be helpful.


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