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From Josh Chamas <>
Subject Re: StateDB to DBI/RDBMS for load balancing
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2004 01:45:26 GMT
Francesco Pasqualini wrote:
> to run ApacheASP application in a load balancing multi server environment we
> need the possibility to store the State in a place accessible from any
> server.
> I don't like very much the NFS solution, I think it could be better to use a
> DB and so I ask to Joshua and the apacheAsp community the possibility to add
> the support for storing StateDB in a DB via DBI.

Right, don't do the NFS if you can help it merely because NFS does not seem
to support the file locking semantics.  Until Apache::ASP::Session is supported
in RDBMS natively, I would use Apache::Session, which you can easily configure
to use by setting

   PerlSetVar AllowSessionState Off

and then setting $Session to the Apache::Session object created in Script_OnStart.
Make sure to do a $Server->RegisterCleanup to properly DESTROY the $Session object,
and register it in Script_OnStart immediately after creating the object.

The biggest problems here is that you do not get the benefits of Session_OnStart
and Session_OnEnd, as well as expires session garbage collection.


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