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From Nicholas Schuetz <>
Subject Fwd: RE: View contents of loaded global.asa
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 14:29:40 GMT
See my reply below:

> I think you have it right that the documentation needs some revising.  What
> you
> do *not* need to do is set "package Apache::ASP::TYPHOON" in your scripts,
> since this happens automatically when GlobalPackage is used.

This is my problem. I couldn't get custom subroutines to load from global.asa
using GlobalPackage. When I go to _use_ it the compiler per the documentation
complains that it isn't there. If you look back in this thread I have explained
this in detail.
> Also, don't ever use the Apache::ASP::* namespace itself.  Better in your
> case
> to just use the name TYPHOON for the module name.

Good Call.

> But let's look at the motivation for naming the GlobalPackage namespace for
> your
> Apache::ASP application.  Perhaps you want to reference a subroutine defined
> in
> your global.asa from another module like &TYPHOON::sub(), or perhaps you
> want
> to have an actual module that you can load via "use TYPHOON;"
> whose
> subroutines you can then access directly from your scripts.
> It is possible that in your case that you do not even need to use the
> GlobalPackage setting, and you might try running your application without
> it.

The only reason I am using this method is because in our previous implemetation
this is how they, the developers of our app, did it. And it worked. It just
alarmed me that when I upgraded things broke. I made sure everything including
the non-mod_perl specific modules tested out without error. My intension is
ensure the most stable system as possible of course. Then I began to worry if it
was my or Apache::ASP wasn't stable.

Bottom line is I have been looking for the reason this no longer works as it did
in the previous version of Apache::ASP (2.19) we where using. I looked through
the release notes and nothing caught my eye, though. Maybe I will just take your
suggestion and create the and load that.

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