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From Joshua Chamas <>
Subject RE: View contents of loaded global.asa
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 13:02:25 GMT
Quoting Nicholas Schuetz <>:

> Thanks for the reply, Warren. I have already taken this aproach. I know the
> global.asa I am working with is in fact the one being compiled. One very
> important point I need to bring up is that I have UniquePackages 1 set. If I
> unset this my app works fine. This exact configuration use to work in v2.19
> Apache::ASP. I am now using the latest stable version 2.57. Even when
> UniquePackages 1 is set.

If you are using UniquePackages set to 1 then you are trying to have all the
scripts compiled into separate packages explicitly, so then to import
subroutines from another module namespace, I would recommend using Perl's
standard method for this, like:

  use Module qw(routine);

see perldoc Exporter.

Also you might try having includes that act as subs, since that is what they
are, so that you can do this:


or you could use XMLSubs have it a tag like:

  <typhoon:check_db_connection />

that maps into the typhoon:: module namespace, the latter which you could define
in with the correct XMLSubsMatch setting.



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