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From Warren Young <>
Subject Re: Porting from ActivePerl/IIS to Apache::ASP
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 19:11:52 GMT
Unknown wrote:

> Our problem is the original authors of the code assumed variables are
> not globally scoped.

You mean one of the original authors doesn't understand Perl.

> Q1.1: How come in other languages, the scope of the variable is
> assumed to be for the page unless
> defined otherwise (e.g. PHP, ActivePerl, VBScript)?

First, drop ActivePerl from that.  That's a different issue entirely. 
Second, the reason has to do with Perl's history, but it's really not 
important to argue about it here -- do that on comp.lang.perl.misc.

As for ActivePerl, that's a red herring.  ActivePerl is the same 
language as used by Apache::ASP, so the variable scoping behaves the 
same way.  The real issue is mod_perl vs. whatever persistent 
interpreter mechanism ActivePerl uses under IIS.  The Perl interpreter 
is running in a different way in each environment, and that's the source 
of the difference in behavior.  This is not Apache::ASP's fault.  It's 
just a portability issue you will have to cope with.

> Q1.2: Is there a configuration option or easy way around this issue?

Rewrite the code so that it doesn't use global variables.  This is a 
good idea in any case.  Turn on the "use strict" pragma, and Perl will 
refuse to run your scripts until you either explicitly make all 
variables global, or make them lexically scoped.

> Q2.1: Since this sub is included in sample.asp, is it considered a
> subroutine within a subroutine?

Yes.  Put it in a Perl module instead, and either "use MyModule" from 
each ASP file that needs the routine, or "use" the module in global.asa.

The main downside of this is that you will have to restart Apache each 
time you change one of the Perl modules, since Apache::ASP won't 
recompile the scripts when a module changes.

> Q2.2: Is there an easy way to convert include.asp to so I
> can use "use" in our scripts?

The 'use MyModule' syntax should work just fine in both ASP 
implementations.  It's a Perl language issue, and as I've pointed out, 
the language interpreter is the same in both cases.

This is not a complete replacement for #include.  The Perl module method 
works only for Perl code.  If you want a pure textual include, there's 
$Response->Include(), but you still don't want to put subroutines in the 
included file.

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