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From Warren Young <>
Subject Re: Output formatting problem (text encoding?)
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 23:25:45 GMT
karl wrote:
> I have 
> text output coming from a database and ' (apostrophes) are shown in 
> the browser (IE6) as ? (question marks). 

There's apostrophes and there are apostrophes.  There's ASCII code 39, 
there's Windows code page 1252 code 146, there's Unicode code 
<mumble>....  The question is, which of these codes are in your 
database?  You must know the answer to that question before you can 
decide how to proceed.

Character code handling in the database/Apache::ASP/Perl5/Apache/browser 
chain is stranger than you probably expect.  Here's a post I wrote a few 
months back detailing two chains I've personally observed:

Notice that I saw two rather different translation chains on my two test 
systems!  Your particular configuration is quite different from either 
of mine, so it could give yet a third path.

> The only thing I can figure out is that 
> original output shows up as encoded Unicode (UTF-8) in the browser; 

Don't guess, find out.

The way I did the analysis to make that post I linked to, I dumped the 
text in question to a file at several places along the I/O chain, then I 
examined each file.  You should also use a network sniffer to see what 
the HTTP headers and HTML data are without the browser getting in the 
way.  There's a good list of sniffers in the Winsock Programmer's FAQ, 
if you don't have one already:

I think you'll find, as I did, that your characters are being translated 
back and forth between ISO 8859-x and Unicode multiple times, and that 
the last step isn't being done correctly.

That last step is critical because of the high probability that the 
intermediate transformations are all lossless in your situation.  All 
you have to do is communicate to the browser what the final character 
encoding is.  In my particular situation, I had to change an Apache 
setting to make it send a header informing the browser that the 
character encoding was UTF-8.  The browser was then able to display the 
web page correctly, nevermind that the data was stored as ISO 8859-1 
(Latin-1) in the database, and translated back and forth several times 
along the path.

> The only physical 
> difference I can find between the output generated by Apache::ASP 
> and IIS/ASP is that the Apache::ASP has Unix style LF line-endings 
> and the IIS/ASP has DOS/Windows style CRLF line-endings. 

I'll bet you didn't compare the HTTP headers.  Different web servers, 
hence different headers, hence different browser interpretation.

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