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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: finding OK internal server error message
Date Sat, 24 Jul 2004 19:05:59 GMT
On Sat, 24 Jul 2004, john z wrote:

> tks.
> at least one part of the mystery is solved.
> when i installed perl 5.8.4 with the .8 distribution from randy, i deleted
> the old perl and apache2 directories so it would be fresh. and yes (as
> verified on another install on a different pc), apache 2.57 gets
> introduced. this happens (no surprise) to correspond to the version of
> apache on the mod-list for the distribution.
> but when i looked at the file, it was saying 2.55 and got me making
> a few more gray hairs. my memory was delete perl/ install. how did it
> revert to 2.55.... hummm. it seems the after i put up a distribution, i
> have to manually load 12 or so other perl modules.  i could have used ppm
> and did an install Apache-ASP. as a test i tired that and to my surprise,
> when you update asp with ppm, it reverts to 2.55. of course, at that point
> neither verify --upgrade or install will force in 2.57 under ppm 2.1.6.
> most of the time it seems when i run ppm/ verify and get a message about
> update available, a ppm/verify --upgrade tends to simply give me a message
> that the version is already up-to-date.

That does clear things up ... When you first install the
binary, Apache-ASP isn't registered with ppm, and so ppm is
quite happy to update/install it initially. Usually ppm is
configured with the ActiveState repository listed first,
which at this time (for ActivePerl 8xx) has version 2.55 of
Apache-ASP (it doesn't have 2.57, the latest, as apparently
some tests failed either for it or for one of it's
prerequisites, and ActiveState's automated build system
won't put up a ppm package under these circumstances).

Our repository at does
have version 2.57 of Apache-ASP - within the ppm shell,
adding a repository with location
will enable access to this, by which you should be able
to install version 2.57 via ppm.

There may be a problem with the ppm utility (version 2.1.6)
in the Perl/Apache binary distribution with upgrading (I've
also noticed that sometimes with ppm version 3) - what you
could do is, within the ppm shell, uninstall Apache-ASP, and
then install it again, making sure to specify which version
you want installed if there's multiple ones available.

best regards,

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