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From Josh Chamas <>
Subject Re: Problems with configuration.
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2004 03:41:04 GMT
checta2002 wrote:
> Hello!
> I need help trying to get Apache::ASP working with Apache 1.3 
> This is the errors I'm getting in the apache error log
> [Thu Nov 04 16:48:34 2004] [error] [asp] [1860] [error] 
> can't create group dir /tmp/asp: No such file or directory, 
> c:/Perl/site/lib/Apache/ASP/ line 160

StateDir must be set to a directory that is writable to
your web server.  So on linux, /tmp/asp is probably fine,
assuming there is a /tmp, but since this is a windows server,
then you need to create another directory for this purpose
perhaps like c:/Temp/asp that is writable by the web server
user account. ( might be system user if run as a service )
and then set StateDir to that directory.

Note that StateDir is to store state files $Session & $Application,
if you don't need these objects, then you can set NoState 1.



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