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From Christopher Hicks <>
Subject Re: Apache::ASP locking up
Date Sun, 21 Nov 2004 07:55:16 GMT
On Fri, 19 Nov 2004, Warren Young wrote:
> Christopher Hicks wrote:
>> You might be tripping over a bug in the db code. 
> A bug in which db code?

The db that's used for storing the sessions which seems to be the files 
you're deleting.  There are a variety of dbm implementations and I'm not 
sure which Apache::ASP ends up using on RH7.3.

> If it's part of the open source underpinnings of Apache::ASP, why is the 
> bug still there?  Why haven't you submitted a patch?

The reason I suggested it might be a problem in the db code is that you 
could try recompiling that without much trouble.  (Taking a more current 
rpm and rebuilding it for 7.3 would be the ideal solution, but if you're 
not familiar with tweaking the rpm build .spec files going from source 
would be easier.)  I haven't run into any db problems with Apache::ASP, 
but we don't have any Red Hat 7, 8, or 9 boxes left in production at this 

>> Can you try the Apache::ASP on a Fedora Core 2 or 3 machine?
> We have no evidence that correlates the problem with platform.  Before we 
> send a person out to a remote site to do an OS upgrade, we'd have to have a 
> pretty good idea that it will fix the problem.

Considering that Red Hat 7.3 is long out of having patch support for it 
upgrading would seem to be a very good idea for reasons that have nothing 
to do with fixing this problem.

>> try this out on a nonproduction box.)
> Since we don't know how the box is being locked up, how could we test 
> whether the OS upgrade helped?

Try replicating the problem in a test environment?

> Again, we have many, many other sites...surely if it was as simple as an 
> OS issue, some of our other RH7.3 systems would also be locking up.

Not necessarily.  If this site is your heaviest site then they may be 
tripping over a database locking issue that just doesn't have as good an 
odds of happening at he other sites.


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