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From "John Drago" <>
Subject RE: Install Problem (SMTP Failure)
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 15:44:28 GMT
Double-check that you can connect to your SMTP server via script

Apache::ASP uses Net::SMTP to send email.
Take a look at for more
details on this.

If that doesn't help, try going to /root/.cpan/build/Apache-ASP-xxx and
running the tests from the command-line.  You may get better errors
there that will help debug the issue.

-----Original Message-----
From: Lee Mehlhorn [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 12:12 PM
Subject: Install Problem (SMTP Failure)

  When I attempted to install ASP:Apache on my test server it failed to 
install because the server_mail test failed to send an email locally 
during the install Bundle ASP:Apache.  Below is the message I received.

I'm running qmail and using smtp authenication.  Qmail is setup to allow

relaying from the localhost (  How can I correct this 
problem so that CPAN will install the Bundle?  Can I force it?  any help

on this is appreciated.. Thank you.

t/server_mail............[asp] [10381] [debug] [1113416766.8657;0.0000] 
[ERROR] can't connect to SMTP server with args  - Debug: 0; Timeout: 5;
[failure] $Server->Mail() failed in test mode, check that your mail 
server at can relay email.  at line 33.
t/server_mail............FAILED test 
        Failed 1/1 tests, 0.00% okay

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