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From "Jonathan Dixon" <>
Subject Re: my questions about apache-asp
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 21:32:51 GMT
From: "wenheping2000" <>
>      1) can apache-asp support using access database?

In addition to the ODBC solution mentioned before, I have also done a rudimentary perl module
to make use of the read functionalities of the mdbtools package from SourceForge (based on
a similar module I got from someone else).  I actually added in a little bit of sorting functionality
to what mdbtools itself provides (hey that's what perl is good at, right?) and started working
on concepts to incorporate more advanced SQL parsing in the interface, but given the finite
nature of time never quite got there.  The amount I got done allows me to retrieve data from
an MDB file under linux and process using apache-asp to generate mailing lists and such on
the fly, which is what I needed it to do.

I never even started looking at any "write" functionality, as that was just beginning to be
implemented into the mdbtools libraries and the project I was working on didn't really need
it.  I started pulling the package into a distributable form, but not much has happened on
that front either.  If you are interested I can see about at least putting it into a form
that can be passed along.

Jon Dixon

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