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From Harco de Hilster <>
Subject Error loading DBI driver
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 14:29:14 GMT

I am trying to load the DBD::Ingres module, which loads a shared library.

Under Apache::ASP this fails with the error:  IImain: Cannot open 
standard program channels

and the library exits thus killing Apache ;-(

Outside Apache/mod_perl everything works fine.
The strange thing is that it works under the PerlRun module, and after 
opening all database connections from within PerlRun, I can safely 
switch to my ASP code.

It appears that at the C-code level, StdOut/StdErr are not available as 
file descriptors under mod_perl or ASP. Apparently ModPerl::PerlRun sets 
this up correctly, and the library loads ok.

Any hints?



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