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From Joshua Chamas <>
Subject Re: Can´t get Apache::ASP to work
Date Sun, 24 Jul 2005 23:23:21 GMT
Marcos Camões Bourgeaiseau wrote:
> I have a apache-perl 1.3.33 running in a Debian 3.0 R2
> I installed the apache via apt-get install, and did the same for the 
> libapache-mod-perl and libapache-asp-perl 2.57-3.
> Unfortunatly, when I try to see a page that contains any ASP code, only 
> the HTML part of page is shown. Whan I click in any Submit botton I get 
> the error below.
> Method Not Allowed
> The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /formfill.asp.

Looks like this is an apache configuration issue.

> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> Apache/1.3.33 Server at gbpmail Port 80
> I tried also, to reinstall my system, and follow the instalations 
> intructions using the CPAN as it is in apache-asp home-page, but when it 
> came to the part "install Apache::ASP" it sais that the make command 
> went succesefully, but that the test had a problem and that installation 
> was impossible!

If you run into a problem with CPAN installation, you can do:

  cpan> force install Apache::ASP



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