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From Joshua Chamas <>
Subject Re: Virtual host interference?
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2005 03:29:48 GMT
shroompicker2000 wrote:
> --- In, Csongor Fagyal <concept@c...> wrote:
>>I have faced this interesting problem several times. Here is what
> happens:
>>I have virtualhost A and virtualhost B both running ASP. Virtualhost A 
>>has a custom Perl module loaded using a simle 'use'. Now if I have a 
>>syntax error in A, it will create an Internal Server error. However, 
>>site B, which should be independent of A, also creates an error, and it 
>>logs(!) the error of A in its own error_log.
>>Both virtualhosts use a different statedir, and they do not share any 
>>Any ideas?? I think I am using the newest Apache/ASP/mod_perl version 
>>(but this happened previously in older versions as well). This is

If you are using StatINC or StatINCMatch settings, this could trigger
a check of a module that is unrelated to your Apache::ASP scripts.

If you are using another related Apache::* module that does something
similar, this could be a reason also.



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