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From Tom Haapanen <>
Subject Apache::ASP with Worker MPM
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 11:29:58 GMT
I'm new to this mailing list (but not new to Apache::ASP), and I'm 
wondering whether anyone is running Apache::ASP in production with the 
Worker MPM on Apache 2.x.  I searched the list archives but to no avail.

We have been running Apache::ASP for over five years, and our site 
( currently handles some 10M page views per month 
with Apache::ASP and MySQL -- not the heaviest traffic on the net, for 
sure, but quite respectable, I think.

We are still running Apache 1.3, though, and that means one process per 
connection.  With 30 MB per process, we use up 4 GB of physical memory 
pretty quickly with 100 or so active connections, not a really effective 
use of memory in my opinion.

So as I build the next server, I'm interested in moving to Apache 2.x, 
mod_perl 2.0 and Worker MPM.  But will it work?  I remember messing 
around with mod_perl 1.9 last time around, and I recall that I could not 
get things to work quite right.  I may have done things wrong, or it may 
just not have been ready for prime time.

Now Apache is up to 2.2 and mod_perl 2.0 is released, and these sound 
good.  But how well does Apache::ASP work in a multithreaded MPM 
environment?  I see that version 2.59 is still the current one -- is 
that a good sign that it will do all I need, or does it mean that there 
will be no more development?

Many thanks in advance for any insight anyone can offer ...


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