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From Warren Young <>
Subject Re: apache::asp maintenance
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2007 19:26:39 GMT
Joshua Chamas wrote:
> If you have other needs please let me know.

Well, for inertia reasons, we're still maintaining a lot of CentOS 3 and 
Red Hat Linux 9 type systems, with mod_perls of 1.99_07 and _09 vintage, 
which was before the big Apache2:: namespace reorg.  As a result, when 
installing Apache::ASP, I have to manually edit to 
remove all the '2's.  Also, the Apache2::ServerRec module doesn't exist 
on these systems, so I have to comment it out.  Apache::ASP then works 
just fine.

It would be spiffy if the library detected this situation and coped 

I tested this, and it works here:

eval {
     # Try new Apache2 module requests first
     require Apache2::RequestRec;
     require Apache2::RequestUtil;
     require Apache2::RequestIO;
     require Apache2::Response;
     require APR::Table;
     require APR::Pool;
     require Apache2::Connection;
     require Apache2::ServerUtil;
     require Apache2::ServerRec;
     require Apache2::SubRequest;
     require Apache2::Log;
eval {
     # Alternative if above fails because system is old, but not
     # so old that it's incompatible.
     require Apache::RequestRec;
     require Apache::RequestUtil;
     require Apache::RequestIO;
     require Apache::Response;
     require APR::Table;
     require APR::Pool;
     require Apache::Connection;
     require Apache::ServerUtil;
     require Apache::SubRequest;
     require Apache::Log;
} if defined $@;

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