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From Tsirkin Evgeny <>
Subject Apache::ASP under PSGI
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2016 14:17:33 GMT
Dear Josh & all

It have being a while since we were last in touch .
Hope everything is fine.

I hope that you still have interest in Apache::ASP the fine module you have
 and which we use.

>From the last time we talked there was some patches in svn that would be
very nice
  to have pushed CPAN. The current version on CPAN does not even run under
apache 2.4.

I remind you also that I have implemented PSGI support for Apache::ASP and
had time to implement plackup (and not just PSGI::Apache::Handle) support.

The Apache::ASP apps can now be run by placing simple app.psgi file in a
directory and run with plackup.

(Basically you put file like this:
at the root of your app and run it with plackup:

plackup app.psgi

And now you have every .asp & static file served with psgi .)

We have a very big app happily running using this approach .

The branch is placed here:

It would be great to have those being pushed to CPAN.

Once that done it would be nice to post some news about ASP on perl monks
or something.
I think most people using perl don't even now that your framework exists.


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