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From Jobst Schmalenbach <>
Subject Apache upgrade 2.2 -> 2.4 and "PerlAuthenHandler Authen::Simple::IMAP"
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2019 01:33:22 GMT
I posted this first on the Apache mailing list, one person mentioned as this is mod_perl related
I should post it here, so here it is.

I have just started upgrading all of my CentOS servers from 6.X to 7.X, with that Apache gets
upgraded from 2.2 to 2.4, but it seems mod_perl has not increased the version number.

While I have fixed most of the issues realted to the upgrade of Apache one I cannot solve
is the "PerlAuthenHandler Authen::Simple::IMAP" in .htaccess files.

I use this rather frequently on many machines as it is real easy for me to look after this.

Using apache 2.2 this used to work like a charm with an .htaccess file in the directory to

    satisfy any
    Order deny,allow
    deny from all

    AuthName "Protected by IMAP credentials"
    AuthType Basic
    require user USER1 USER2
    PerlAuthenHandler Authen::Simple::IMAP
    PerlSetVar        AuthenSimpleIMAP_host     "CENTRAL.IMAPS.SERVER.HOST.NAME"
    PerlSetVar        AuthenSimpleIMAP_protocol "IMAPS"

    allow from localhost
    allow from THESERVER

I re-wrote this for apache 2.4 (not repeating the perl stuff which is the same in both) but
same .htaccess file

     Require user USER1 USER2
     # do not turn this off, or else this will not work.
     Require ip
     Require host localhost
     Require host THESERVER

In the server's httpd.conf file I have:

   PerlRequire /etc/httpd/conf/

which contains this:

   #!/bin/env /usr/bin/perl
   use strict;
   use warnings;
   use Authen::Simple::IMAP;

This loads with no error messages (this also means mod_perl is working).

The problem really is:

  ==> error_log <==
  failed to resolve handler Authen::Simple::IMAP
  failed to resolve handler Authen::Simple::IMAP
  failed to resolve handler Authen::Simple::IMAP
  failed to resolve handler Authen::Simple::IMAP

The browser page displays a "Secure connection failed" which is crap as the certificate and
everything is in perfect condition.

How can I make this work with apache 2.4?
What am I doing wrong?


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