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From Румен Палов <>
Subject Re: HTTP and MPM support
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2019 09:47:28 GMT
Hello all,

we feel in the same situation.

We are using mod_perl mostly as users and all of our production business 
activity is based and rely on perl / mod_perl.

We are able to secure finance funds, hardware and people hands( perl , 
DevOps ) to support mod_perl project and secure it's future.

I'm not familiar with the oraganisation and logsitics behind mod_perl 
development,but what André Warnier propose sounds resonable.

This Feb we was at FOSDEM 2019, Belgium, I was very sad because of lag 
of any serios interes, devrooms or presentaions for perl.

It was only one presentaion for perl: , author Will the Chill 

Great Job Will.

Mod_perl is great implementation and it will be shame for all of us ( 
mod_perl users ) to leave it die because of all modern tendencies :)

Rumen Palov

On 02/08/19 10:59, André Warnier (tomcat) wrote:
> I would like to add my voice to (at least) Russel's and Sive's.
> Our situation (and I understand most of the non-Perl-PMC's interventors' 
> in this thread is similar) is :
> - we are interested in the future development of mod_perl, and are 
> willing to "support" or "sponsor" such development
> - we understand that nobody is actively working on mod_perl currently. 
> What we do not know/understand clearly is "why not ?", and how to 
> possibly change this situation
> - we all have some programming resources available, but none of which 
> have the current competences that we feel are necessary to undertake 
> such development efficiently in the short term. That is because our 
> organisations are mostly *users* of mod_perl, in the course of our main 
> activity, which is to develop end-user-oriented application software, of 
> which a part is currently based on Apache and mod_perl.
> - we know that there are people in the mod_perl PMC which do have such 
> competences. We do not know about their practical 
> availability/willingness to do so.
> - we have no hands-on experience of such kinds of open-source, "free" 
> development projects, and we do not really know "what makes them tick"
> - we all have some form of possible contribution in mind and among our 
> possibilities, but so far, short apparently of providing ourselves some 
> qualified programming staff to do the work (as Adam mentions below, and 
> William did before him), it does not seem that there is any obvious 
> avenue open to do so.
> To wrap this up somewhat naively and roughly : if we just wanted to pour 
> some money in such a project, to revive the interest of the current 
> group of people which do have the competences and experience to work on 
> this efficiently, how would we go about it ?
> Or is this not possible/practical/sufficient ?
> Could someone of the mod_perl PMC (or the Apache Foundation) take the 
> lead about something like this, and somehow ask the right questions, and 
> put together a proposal that could lead to such a "revival" of the 
> Apache/mod_perl project ?
> I believe that we could all collectively start by making a financial 
> contribution to such a preliminary effort, if that is also what it takes 
> to get it going.
> On 07.02.2019 03:39, Adam Prime wrote:
>> I can tell you that at least some of the PMC members are on this list. 
>> But I can
>> also tell you that there is essentially no development going on right 
>> now. The
>> PMC is essentially idle, and there aren't any plans to do anything 
>> with regards
>> to improving support for newer MPM's. That said, the project is open 
>> source, and
>> if there are people or companies out there with the skills and desire 
>> to work on
>> those features, things can get merged, and people can get added to the 
>> PMC, or
>> as project commiters to enable that.
>> Adam
>> On 1/28/19 1:30 PM, Russell Lundberg wrote:
>>> As a long-time fan and user of mod_perl, I like so much the way this
>>> conversation is turning.
>>> I also wonder if there is a formal process, perhaps an ASF process, for
>>> coordinating the objectives voiced in this thread with the resources
>>> required to achieve them?
>>> For example, I believe Steve Hay has led mod_perl2 development lately,
>>> versions 2.0.9 and 2.0.10, anyway. Should he be engaged, or if the 
>>> leadership
>>> of the project has been handed off, whoever has taken over?  Do the 
>>> project
>>> steward(s) follow this mailing list?
>>> I don't mean to get in the way of positive and well-intended 
>>> progress. I love
>>> mod_perl and only want the best for its future development.
>>> But there might be other development plans in progress with which 
>>> coordination
>>> would be helpful.
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>>> On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 8:04 AM John Dunlap <
>>> <>> wrote:
>>>     I will second what Sive is saying. My organization does not have 
>>> in-house
>>>     experience writing C code(our internal skill sets are web 
>>> application and
>>>     database development) but we are potentially interested in 
>>> sponsoring some
>>>     development on mod_perl with the goal of adding support for 
>>> mpm_worker and
>>>     or mpm_event because we are interested in taking advantage of 
>>> mod_http2.
>>>     In addition to our sponsorship, we could also assist in testing 
>>> changes
>>>     and provided segfaults and debugging/environmental information 
>>> from out
>>>     development and testing environments. Is anyone who is able to do 
>>> this
>>>     kind of development interested in having a conversation with Sive 
>>> and
>>>     myself with respect to sponsoring some development?
>>>     On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 1:11 AM Sive Lindmark <
>>>     <>> wrote:
>>>         Hi William!
>>>         Count on us, my firm can sponsor work as I stated before, and

>>> also
>>>         contribute setting up test cases and perhaps also do some 
>>> coding if we
>>>         have the knowledge to do whats needed.
>>>         My coders are not used to be part of any open source project,

>>> so we
>>>         can not take any leading roll though.
>>>         How could a sponsor model work?
>>>         I have followed crypto world for some time now, and they 
>>> sometimes set
>>>         up price for someone thats achieve a goal. Something we can 
>>> do here?
>>>         /Sive
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