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From Gazzali Jaleel <>
Subject Re: Compile mod_perl 1.0 on ubuntu 12.04 or later
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2019 19:34:26 GMT

On 2/24/2019 4:44 PM, Randolf Richardson wrote:
>> On 2/22/19 10:54 AM, Matthias Schmitt wrote:
>>> I doubt that you will be able to compile mod_perl 1.x with newer compilers and
operating systems.
>> Hold my beer :).
> [sNip]
>> I have a Makefile that does all of this.  I suppose I could publish
>> it on github or something, but given the age of apache 1.3, it
>> seems irresponsible to publish it at this point :).
> 	Michael:  You deserve to get two beers back for this -- it's
> wonderful that anyone can get help to get older systems working.
> 	I do agree with you overall though that the focus should be on
> Apache HTTPd 2.4, and given that the older options are discontinued I
> also encourage putting time and effort into upgrading Perl code
> instead of trying to get the older Apache HTTPd 1.x working.
> 	As long as one isn't relying on the client's dynamic TCP port number
> from $r->connection->remote_addr->port for anything (as I've
> discovered no longer works in the current release of mod_perl2),
> updating to the newest mod_perl2 should ultimately be relatively
> problem-free.  (This client port number business has not been a high
> priority for me to raise as an issue, but if it is something that
> Hans or anyone else is needing I'll gladly chime in with my vote for
> wanting it fixed.)

Does this work for you?

The doc. states remote_addr returns an APR::SockAddr object but there's 
no remote_addr in my Apache2::Connection. However, there's a client_addr 
which does return an APR::SockAddr object.

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