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From Adam Prime <>
Subject Re: AuthCookieDBI and Apache 2.4
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2019 15:14:11 GMT
Apache2::AuthCookieDBI looks like it might work just fine with just that 
simple change. In theory you could grab the distribution, make the 
change and run the tests and get a pretty good idea if it will. You'll 
likely need to pay attention to MSCHOUT's documentation about what 
changed in 2.4 though, depending on which features of AuthCookieDBI 
you're using.


On 2019-02-12 2:25 p.m., Edward J. Sabol wrote:
> Hello! I have a project that has successfully used Apache2::AuthCookieDBI
> with mod_perl on Apache 2.2 and Apache 2.0 before that for many years. For
> various reasons, we are looking at moving this project to a new system that
> uses Apache 2.4 exclusively, and the custodians of this new system are
> disinclined to use Apache 2.2 even in a dual lightweight/heavyweight server
> configuration.
> I know AuthCookie has been updated by the magnificient Michael Schout to
> support Apache 2.4, but AuthCookieDBI hasn't seen a release in many years.
> Has anyone tried using AuthCookieDBI with Apache 2.4 or porting AuthCookieDBI
> to 2.4? I presume it's more involved than just installing the latest
> version of AuthCookie and changing "use base qw( Apache2::AuthCookie );" to
> "use base qw( Apache2_4::AuthCookie );" in Apache2::AuthCookieDBI?
> I've looked over Michael Schout's Apache 2.4 authentication API porting
> guide here:
> Any assistance or experience with AuthCookieDBI on Apache 2.4 would be
> welcome.
> Thanks,
> Ed

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