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From Gabriel Reid <>
Subject Allowing setting of "Assignee" in Jira
Date Sat, 17 May 2014 21:10:29 GMT

Due to INFRA-7675, it's no longer for people in the "Contributor" role
in Jira to set the assignee for Jira tickets. This was done based on a
request for the Spark project, but has affected all other projects.

A number of projects have tickets to revert this behavior (e.g. see
INFRA-7730). I think it was also pretty handy to have the old behavior
(I like being able to assign tickets that I'm working on to myself
just to make it easier to keep track of).

Are there any other opinions on this within Phoenix? I'd be happy to
open a Jira ticket to revert to the old behavior, unless there are
people who would like to stick with the new behavior.

- Gabriel

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