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From Gabriel Reid <>
Subject CurrentSCN in Phoenix connections
Date Mon, 26 May 2014 08:46:44 GMT

I've been trying out the CurrentSCN connection parameter recently, and
it's behavior wasn't quite what I expected. I'd like to double-check
that the current behavior is in accordance with other people's
expectations, and if it isn't then I'll work on updating it.

There are two main issues I'm having. The first is that the existence
of a table (and I assume other table metadata) takes the CurrentSCN
into account. This means that if I connect to Phoenix, create a table,
and then re-connect with a CurrentSCN in the past, my newly-created
table won't be visible. My expectation would be that table metadata
(or at least table existence) is not versioned.

The second issue is that data updated on a connection with a given
CurrentSCN is not visible using the same CurrentSCN. For example, if a
connection has a CurrentSCN and I upsert a row, that row won't be
visible with a select statement unless I reconnect with a larger
CurrentSCN. I'm assuming that this is due to timeranges in HBase are
end-exclusive, but my general expectation would be that within
Phoenix, an updated row would be visible under the same SCN.

Could anyone give any insight as to whether or not this current
behavior is by-design or not?



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