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From James Taylor <>
Subject [VOTE] Release of Apache Phoenix 4.1.0 RC0
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2014 23:14:37 GMT
Hi everyone,
This is a call for a vote on Apache Phoenix 4.1.0 RC0. This is the
next minor release of Phoenix compatible with the 0.98 branch of
Apache HBase and will be our second release as a top level project. The
release includes both a source-only release and a convenience binary

In addition to having all the bug fixes and the new features outlined
for our 3.1 release currently being voted on (,
it has several additional features:
- Support for local indexing which targets write heavy, space
constrained use cases by colocating index and table data on the same
region server (
- Support for tracing which leverages Cloudera’s HTrace library to
show per-request performance metrics all they way from the client
through into the HBase server, and back again

For a complete list of changes, see:

The source tarball, including signatures, digests, etc can be found at:

The binary artifacts can be found at:

Release artifacts are signed with the following key:

KEYS file available here:

The hash and tag to be voted upon:;a=commit;h=98b02975f015159e9589094ff808bd26f8271bfd;a=tag;h=refs/tags/v4.1.0-rc0

Vote will be open for at least 72 hours. Please vote:

[ ] +1 approve
[ ] +0 no opinion
[ ] -1 disapprove (and reason why)

The Apache Phoenix Team

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