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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] phoenix-connectors and phoenix-queryserver release process
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2019 20:50:51 GMT
+1 for queryserver starting out at 1.0.0, for sure. We've really made 
only a few changes for PQS over the years (the majority of code is in 
Avatica). Doesn't make sense to follow the 'normal' Phoenix versioning.

Assuming the connectors is similarly slow moving, I'm in favor of the 
same for that too.

I asked on the PR for the queryserver repo: how are people going to 
interact with these? Something as simple as:

* How will PQS know where the phoenix-client.jar is?
* Where do users invoke from?

On 1/8/19 2:34 PM, Thomas D'Silva wrote:
> We are currently working on moving the connectors and queryserver to their
> own repos (see and
> IMO we should have a single branch for each repo that depends on a released
> version of Phoenix/HBase. I thinnk we should start the pom versions at
> 1.0.0. We can then have connectors or queryserver releases independent of
> Phoenix. For the connectors, I think we should release all of them when we
> have a connector release. Same with queryserver (release both the server
> and client).
> What do folks think?

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