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From Konstantinos Kougios <>
Subject a good hbase config to work with phoenix and very large tables
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2015 09:17:59 GMT
Hi, anyone wants to share a good config that will work for not-so-fast 
clusters (7200rpm disks) and very large tables?

I got a cluster of 3x region servers on lxc-virtual boxes on a 16-core 
machine with 3x7200rpm disks. Each region server runs on a virtual box 
using one of the disks and with Xmx4G.

I get various issues for tables that are above a few GB, i.e. I can't 
create indexes or do counts(*) and even regionserver crashes (due to 
outofmem) on aggregate queries & joins.

I believe my hardware to be adequate for a 500GB table or a 150GB one, I 
don't mind so much for slow responses but operations should eventually 
complete successfully.



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