The first step I think is a repo with code that compiles. Please initialize it by forking so we have common ancestors. Once we have a clear idea (by diff) what is required we can figure out if we can support compatibility in some way.

On Sep 9, 2015, at 11:00 PM, Krishna <> wrote:

I can volunteer to spend some time on this. 

CDH artifacts are available in Maven repo but from reading other threads on CDH-Phoenix compatibilty, it looks like there are some code changes to be made in Phoenix to successfully compile against CDH. 

Here are questions to address:
1) How to maintain CDH compatible Phoenix code base?
2) Is having a CDH compatible branch even an option?


On Friday, August 28, 2015, Andrew Purtell <> wrote:
Yes I am interested. Assuming CDH artifacts are publicly available in a Maven repo somewhere, which I believe is the case, perhaps we (the Phoenix project/community) could set up a Jenkins job that builds against them and makes the resulting build artifacts available. They would never be an official release, just a best effort convenience. Would that work? I think little must be done besides compile against the CDH artifacts for binary compatibility.

> On Aug 28, 2015, at 11:19 AM, James Heather <> wrote:
> Is anyone interested in helping with getting an up-to-date CDH5-compatible build of Phoenix up and running?
> Cloudera has a build of Phoenix 4.3 (, but this is now two versions behind, and there seems little desire at Cloudera to keep it updated.
> I imagine that by looking at the differences between vanilla 4.3 and cloudera labs 4.3, and with some guidance from this list, we could get a good idea of what would need to be modified in 4.5+ and keep a CDH5-compatible build up to date.
> Yes?
> James