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From James Heather <>
Subject Fixed bug in PMetaDataImpl
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2015 14:34:57 GMT
Hi all (@James T in particular),

I've submitted a pull request to fix the bug I reported in concerning a failing 
unit test in Java 8.

It was a genuine bug in PMetaDataImpl that just happened to sneak 
through the tests in Java 7 but not Java 8. The traversal order of a 
collection was significant for picking up the bug, and it just happens 
that it changed between Java versions, and the new ordering caused the 
test to fail.

There was another bug in the same bit of code, which I've also fixed as 
a Brucie bonus, and added a test for, where the eviction policy could 
cause too many things to get evicted unnecessarily.


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