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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: phoenix on non-apache hbase
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2016 01:39:14 GMT

Apache Phoenix goes through a lot of work to provide multiple versions 
of Phoenix for various versions of Apache HBase (0.98, 1.1, and 1.2 
presently). The builds for each of these branches are tested against 
those specific versions of HBase, so I doubt that there are issues 
between Apache Phoenix and the corresponding version of Apache HBase.

In general, I believe older versions of Phoenix clients can work against 
newer versions of Phoenix running in HBase; but, of course, you'd be 
much better off using equivalent versions on both client and server.

If you are having issues running Apache Phoenix over vendor-creations of 
HBase, I would encourage you to reach out on said-vendor's support channels.

- Josh

Koert Kuipers wrote:
> hello all,
> i decided i wanted to give phoenix a try on our cdh 5.7.0 cluster. so i
> download phoenix, see that the master is already for hbase 1.2.0, change
> the hbase version to 1.2.0-cdh5.7.0, and tell maven to run tests make
> the package, expecting not much trouble.
> but i was wrong... plenty of compilation errors, and some serious
> incompatibilities (tetra?).
> yikes. what happened? why is it so hard to compile for a distro's hbase?
> i do this all the time for vendor-specific hadoop versions without
> issues. is cloudera's hbase 1.2.0-cdh5.7.0 that different from apache
> hbase 1.2.0?
> assuming i get the phoenix-server working for hbase 1.2.0-cdh5.7.0, how
> sensitive is the phoenix-client to the hbase version? can i at least
> assume all the pain is in the phoenix-server and i can ship a generic
> phoenix-client with my software that works on all clusters with the same
> phoenix-server version installed?
> thanks! best, koert

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