Hi Vishnu, 

Phoenix client has an internal queue to process your queries and in this case the queue is full and all threads are busy, so it can't accept more work. if the number of cores in your cluster increase you should increase the number of threads in the client thread pool as well.

You can find more details about those properties here, more specifically phoenix.query.threadPoolSize, phoenix.query.queueSize.

I would say for you to increase the phoenix.query.threadPoolSize in your client.

Another thing, doing something like this in your code you can track your client queues:

ThreadPoolExecutor executor = PhoenixDriver.INSTANCE.getQueryServices().getExecutor();
recordMetric("Phoenix/ThreadPool/CoreSize", executor.getCorePoolSize());
recordMetric("Phoenix/ThreadPool/ActiveCount", executor.getActiveCount());
recordMetric("Phoenix/ThreadPool/QueueSize", executor.getQueue().size());


On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 10:24 AM, vishnu rao <jaihind213@gmail.com> wrote:
hi i get this error sometimes "task rejected from JobManager..."

java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.phoenix.exception.PhoenixIOException: Task org.apache.phoenix.job.JobManager$InstrumentedJobFutureTask@1b0a7baf rejected from org.apache.phoenix.job.JobManager$1@62417a16[Running, pool size = 128, active threads = 128, queued tasks = 5000, completed tasks = 2]

can some explain how do i figure out who to work around this ?

what is this queue and where is this located ?