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From <>
Subject Phoenix driver query rejection - note change in config?
Date Wed, 24 May 2017 19:58:30 GMT
I have recently set up a JDBC driver to connect to hdfs using Apache Phoenix. Basic queries
on Squirrel have worked well (for example, "select * from datafile"), but as soon as I ask
a slightly more complicated query (ie, "select column1 from datafile where column2 = 'filter1'",
I encounter this error:
org.apache.phoenix.exception.PhoenixIOException: Task
org.apache.phoenix.job.JobManager$InstrumentedJobFutureTask rejected from
org.apache.phoenix.job.JobManager[Running, pool size = 128, active threads =
128, queued tasks = 5000, completed tasks = 5132]
>From some searching, it seems that I should increase the ThreadPoolSize in the Apache
Phoenix hbase.xml configuration file in order to avoid this error, which I have done, increasing
it from 128 to 512. However, it does not seem to have noticed this change. The error persists
and the "pool size" is still given as 128 within the error.
On the Phoenix Driver settings in Squirrel, I have indicated the location of hbase and hdfs
directories containing the .xml config files under "Extra Class Path" in setup.
Is there any way to make the driver "notice" that the ThreadPoolSize has changed?
Thank you!

Megan McClarty
Process Engineer 2 | Lam Research
E-mail<> | LinkedIn<>

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