I am using a DATE type column as one of the leading columns in my PK and I am defining it as "ROW TIMESTAMP" to take advantage of the optimizations mentioned here:https://phoenix.apache.org/rowtimestamp.html

Are there any disadvantages to using this feature?  My PK has 20+ columns (queries are done over date ranges so I am interested in any optimizations which help such queries).  The value is set on UPSERT to the daily value, the hour/minutes aren't really needed for my use cases so I just use midnight 00:00.000 (eg. 2017-01-01 00:00:00.000).

Once it's set, is there a way to alter the column type to be a regular DATE type?  Or would I need to recreate the table?

Just wondering out of curiosity in case there are instances where I should not be using this feature.