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From Abhishek Gupta <>
Subject Disable NO_CACHE hint on query for LIMIT OFFSET paging queries
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2018 11:25:36 GMT
Hi Team,

I am working on a use case where SQL aggregated queries are made such that
RVC cannot be used (aggregation on truncated primary key columns) instead
LIMIT-OFFSET has to be used. RVC is used for some user user cases

Currently I have disabled BLOCKCACHE for the table. I wanted to check if it
would be more performant to instead enable BLOCKCACHE on the table and pass
NO_CACHE hint for RVC queries because it uses non-LIMIT-OFFSET scans and
not pass NO_CACHE for the LIMIT-OFFSET queries so that for the subsequent
page calls can leverage prior page data in block cache.


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