Hello folks,

We have a requirement for salting based on partial, rather than full, rowkeys. My colleague Mike Polcari has identified the requirement and proposed an approach.

I found an already-open JIRA ticket for the same issue: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PHOENIX-4757. I can provide more details from the proposal.

The JIRA proposes a syntax of SALT_BUCKETS(col, ...) = N, whereas Mike proposes SALT_COLUMN=col or SALT_COLUMNS=col, ... .

The benefit at issue is that users gain more control over partitioning, and this can be used to push some additional aggregations and hash joins down to region servers.

I would appreciate any go-ahead / thoughts / guidance / objections / feedback. I'd like to be sure that the concept at least is not objectionable. We would like to work on this and submit a patch down the road. I'll also add a note to the JIRA ticket.