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From Greg Brown <gkbr...@mac.com>
Subject Re: dimensions, justify, and other misc comments
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2009 15:55:47 GMT
>(*) Should pivot.wtk.Dimensions/Insets/CornerRadii/Bounds be final and

This is a very good question, and could definitely generate a lot of discussion. Ideally,
they would be implemented as structs, but Java doesn't have structs.

>(*) What does HorizontalAlignment.JUSTIFY and VerticalAlignment.JUSTIFY

It means stretch the contents to fill the available space. You are correct that it isn't relevant
to all components. Components that don't support it should throw.

>(*) Why does Renderer#getStyles not return a StyleDictionary?
>seems like it would be nice if Style information was available in a
>generic fashion.

That would tie it tightly to Component, which we didn't want to do.

>(*) TabPane would be more useful if I could set a component on the title
>section of the tab, so I could draw whatever I wanted.

This would probably be best implemented by providing a TabPane.TabRenderer interface, similar
to what we do elsewhere. TabPane.TabPaneAttributes would change to define a single tabData
property (as an Object) instead of separate icon and name properties.

>(*) Component#StyleDictionary should expose methods for getting the
>valid values of an enum property,
>since some methods will take an enum, but will only be valid for some
>subset of the values on that enum (e.g. usage of VerticalAlignment)

Possibly, though this may be better served via documentation. A skin wouldn't be expected
to programmatically provide info on the range of valid float values for a style property,
for example.

>(*) The Component#Attributes mechanism looks fragile.
>What if I want to extend TabPane and add my own attributes?
>It seems like this mechanism could be less fragile and more type-safe by
>hand-coding Maps into the relevant sub-classes.

I wouldn't characterize it as fragile - but it isn't all that pretty, I'll give you that.
I'll have to give some thought to the subclassing question.

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