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From Greg Brown <gkbr...@mac.com>
Subject Re: Usability in Pivot Applications for Data Entry
Date Thu, 23 Jul 2009 15:36:45 GMT
>I have to create an Application (i think mainly deployed via Web
>Start, or as a zip, or ips, or Applet, it's not important at the
>moment) that have to be fast for data entry operations, so i need:
>- to handle many operations via Keyboard Shortcuts, and if possible to
>attach them to any Pivot visual component (i don't know if this it's
>already available), and attention: including function keys

To me, this sounds like a use case for the action dictionary of a Window. This dictionary
maps keystrokes (including modifiers) to Actions.

>    -- and in case of Applets there is the problem of trapped
>shortcuts from (different) browsers, so this will not be my last
>option ...

Do you mean that you want to prevent the browser from receiving the key event?

>    -- here i have to attach shortcuts to menu elements, form fields,
>buttons, tab and other navigation elements ...

Do you mean that you want to set focus to a component when a given keystroke is entered? e.g.
Ctrl-N jumps immediately to the name field?

>    -- attach the same shortcut for some common operations, like
>assign <F12> for the Save operation in many different forms where the
>control will be handled by the related element on the visual panel ...

Sounds like another use case for the action dictionary...

>- to handle fast and simple focus changing between form elements and
>between different forms (tabs, etc) using the tab key

Yes, this is supported, though you may need to attach a key listener to your tab pane in order
to handle the keystrokes for tab switching. TerraTabPaneSkin doesn't currently do this, though
we could easily add it.

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