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From Greg Brown <gkbr...@mac.com>
Subject Re: Questions on Menus
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2009 13:15:02 GMT
>- am I able to attach en effect to a menu bar ?
>  For example, a Sliding effect (like the toolbar in Gnome desktop, or
>like the "Automatic Hide" feature of Windows main menu bar), freeing
>the area over the menu ?

No, this is not currently possible. The current MenuBar skin does not run any transitions
when menu items are added or removed.

>- is it possible to have more Main Menus, and choose which one to
>attach, depending on the current context ?

Yes. You can do this in application code (by manually swapping your menus in and out), or
you can use the MenuHandler interface. I actually just checked in a tutorial doc that describes
how this works.

>- someone has tried to see on a menu with many elements, if all is
>inside the display bounds ?
>Both on vertical and horizontal axis. This could be a simple test to add.

We have a task to revisit this for all popups in 1.4.1:


>- I've sen in many sites Flash versions of a Scrollable Menu
>(sometimes containing only Buttons), where going to one side (left or
>right) cause a scrolling in that direction, and when the first/last
>element is displayed, it restarts from the other side ... I hope to be
>This could be an interesting component to use when there are many main elements.
>What do you think ?

I have seen this effect. You can do something similar with the Panorama component.

>A last thing:
>what do you think on adding a simple Pivot About box, containing opt.
>some platform Info (OS, JVM, memory, etc), and some Pivot Info (logo
>small, version, link to site) ?
>At least we could reuse it in all tutorials/demos that have a menu ...

Possibly. What do you think might be some practical use cases for such a component?

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