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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Idea for new Demo
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2009 16:11:20 GMT
Hi Chris,

> Why not have the Query class thrown a different exception (e.g. QueryAuthenticationException)
if it couldn't authenticate?
Why not ? Thanks for the suggestion, could be useful ... now let's see
what say Greg on this.

In any case, a GenericAuthentication class (or whatever name it should
have) is missing, to solve the problem shown before, to provide a sort
of abstraction to simplify life to coders, and also in the case a
dialog (pivot standard or not, it's a detail) has to be shown to
handle this situation in a simple way, like in browsers.

Or is it unnecessary because I can do a Query first without
authentication, and in case of authentication error, instance the
right authenticator and redo the query ?
So maybe this could become a sort of factory to instance them if/when
required ... and finally we could refactor Basic and Digest
Authentication classes with a common base class.

Comments ?


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