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From Greg Brown <gkbr...@mac.com>
Subject Re: WTKXSerializer#bind
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2009 21:41:11 GMT
Oh, now I remember. We didn't like the fact that subclasses could  
modify private members of their base classes this way. As I recall, we  
also didn't like the fact that it effectively limits the caller to one  
invocation of bind() per class hierarchy, since anything else would  
perform redundant binds as it walked up the tree.

At this point, I could go either way. I can certainly see arguments  
for simplifying the method signature by reducing it to one argument.  
We could get around the private base member issue by only binding to  
private members in the leaf type; we'd only bind to public or  
protected members in the base classes. The need to bind to multiple  
classes in the same hiearchy does seem like an edge case.


On Nov 3, 2009, at 4:28 PM, Greg Brown wrote:

> It allows the caller to specify which members to bind to. Without  
> the type argument, bind() would need to walk up the type hierarchy  
> and attempt to bind to each superclass of the calling class as well  
> as the class itself. In fact, it used to work that way, and at the  
> moment I can't remember why we changed it. The single-arg signature  
> does seem more intuitive.
> On Nov 3, 2009, at 4:17 PM, Christopher Brind wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just wondering what the logic is behind having two arguments for the
>> bind method on the WTKXSerializer?
>> Instead of:
>>>  public <T> void bind(T t, Class<? super T> type) throws  
>>> BindException {
>>>      Field[] fields = type.getDeclaredFields();
>> Why not:
>>>  public <T> void bind(T t) throws BindException {
>>>      Field[] fields = t.getClass().getDeclaredFields();
>> In fact, why is this parameterised at all?  Wouldn't this suffice?
>>>  public void bind(Object t) throws BindException {
>>>      Field[] fields = t.getClass().getDeclaredFields();
>> Cheers,
>> Chris

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