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From "Steve Reiner" <steverei...@integratedsemantics.com>
Subject RE: SWT APIs on top of Pivot for Web based tools
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2010 20:59:32 GMT
1. Eclipse e4 with XWT xml, XWT binding, and CSS styling is getting closer
to Pivot, so Pivot for regular desktop eclipse plug-ins is getting less
compelling.  http://wiki.eclipse.org/E4/XWT  

2. However, with SWT control apis on top of Pivot controls, leveraging
existing java/rcp/jface/draw2d/gef/plugin code in the browser would be a
killer use-case/app/feature! 

3. Eclipse e4 has some subproject about adding JavaScript apis for calling
eclipse apis. I like Pivot's approach better where Pivot can be scripted in
any jvm language: JavaScript, Groovy (like best), and Scala, etc. 

4. Maybe there are things in Pivot that could improve XWT and get closer to
the Flex programming model. I have just started looking at XWT and Pivot,
one thing saw was  <wtkx:script> that I didn't see in XWT. Looks like XWT
might add something for JavaScript scripting

5. Saw mention from Feb 22 on this list about creating a "SWT Plugin" for
browsers. Basically with SWT control apis on top of a SWT implementation
done with Pivot/Java2D, you would have a "SWT Plugin" (i.e. the standard
Java plugin) without needing another plugin.

6. How the swtswing project dealt with SWT's event loop may help

Pivot/swt thread in this list from Feb 22 for reference 




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From: Greg Brown [mailto:gkbrown@mac.com] 
Sent: Friday, April 09, 2010 5:22 AM
To: dev@pivot.apache.org
Subject: Re: SWT APIs on top of Pivot for Web based tools

Hi Steve,

> It would be great if there was an implementation of SWT control APIs on
> of Apache Pivot.
> This would enable developers to leverage the large body of existing
> Java/SWT/RCP/JFace/Draw2D/GEF/EclipsePlugin code. 

This is an interesting idea. There would certainly be some implementation
challenges (e.g. how to deal with SWT's event loop, since Pivot doesn't have
one - it uses AWT's under the hood). Definitely worth some further thought
and discussion, though.

> Developers could create web based versions of their tools (from the same
> code base as their desktop versions). They wouldn't have to rewrite Java
> into Flex/ActionScript, JavaFx, Silverlight, Ajax/Html/Javascript.
> Developers would be free to choose how to partition their java code
> the applet portion and the app server portion.

>From our perspective, this is actually one of the major selling points of
Pivot in general - it allows you to streamline your technology stack and use
Java from top to bottom (similar to what Microsoft offers with
Silverlight/.NET). I recognize that this doesn't meet the immediate use case
you describe (allowing developers to re-use existing SWT/RCP code), but
let's look at it from the reverse perspective - if we were to port Pivot to
run natively on SWT, you could write your RCP app or plugin using Pivot's
APIs and ultimately reap the same benefits you describe above.


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