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From Greg Brown <gk_br...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: Dimensions not updated in the right way when changing the default font
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2010 01:20:35 GMT
>> However, it should be OK to use a platform-specific font in our OS-specific themes
- we should just test them to make sure that they look OK on that particular platform (for
example, the Windows XP schemes don't need to look perfect in Ubuntu, since they shouldn't
really be used there anyways).
> My idea was to try to put in our custom color combinations (inspired
> by Mac, Ubuntu, etc) to have a default font (font and dimension)
> similar to that available be default in that platform ... but as you
> say, having such font available on most platforms is not so simple

But that's OK - these schemes aren't meant to be used on all platforms. In other words, no
one should be using the Mac OS X theme on Windows XP, so if we use a Mac-specific font, it
won't be an issue.

> And last, I've just made other tests with Pivot 1.5.2 and latest 2.0
> applets on a Ubuntu-10.04 VM, and (as said before, in another thread),
> to see applets working (from a visual point of view) I had to install
> the sun-java6 package and related plugin, then uninstall the IcedTea
> from the previous OpenJDK installation (but without removing the rest
> of OpenJDK), and finally set the sun-java6 as default Java.
> I'm sorry to say but probably the IcedTea plugin has some problem with
> our and others Applets.
> Just for reference ...

Yes, there are a number of issues with the Iced Tea plugin, and they are not all specific
to Pivot. I have heard multiple reports that applets in general simply don't work. So there's
probably not a whole lot we can do here.


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