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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Text validators
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 23:10:18 GMT
Hi all,
I'm thinking to add some (I know, trivial but common in real-world
examples) validators for text fields (aligned with other validators,
but useful to me for starting a more general solution for the future),
like NotNullValidator (if text fields never returns a null maybe this
could not be done), NotEmptyValidator, DateValidator (using the
default locale) and maybe others ... for the 2.0.1 .

Maybe for the 2.1 we could think to change the subject of Validators
from String to Object (maybe with generics, so cast only when
desired), to being able to handle more general data validation, Ok ?

(1) What do you think ?

And last (but maybe this for the 2.1 release, I could open a ticket
for this), a Validator interface (like that in JSF) that I could for
example attach to a Pivot Form, in Java code and/or in bxml (like in a
JSF/HTML Form) and let it handle all validation of Form fields ...
without having to work only on Strings (as currently our validators
And create a class to handle validation messages, like severity (info,
warning, error), label, id of the component that this message refers
to (the skin here could use this to display a flag, or an overlay, or
other, or none and display all messages in another place), etc ... and
maybe handle a List of ValidationMessage inside a Form, if wanted.
For a sample signature (JSF-2.0):
We could even make a validate() method without parameters, but to
store messages etc probably something like JSF Validators is good.

(2) What do you think ?


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