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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: New dependency breaks maven build
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2013 17:26:34 GMT
Hi all,

> *Roger*
info: Pivot team is not only Roger :-) ...

> 1) pivot build is ant-centric and treats pom.xml as a byproduct resource.
yes, I know, it has been that way since the beginning ... so I add the
maven-related stuff some time ago, but from an ant point of view ...

> 2) the "mvn clean install" will not work on the pivot trunk.
anyway, the "right" command for us, using ant is this (as written in our
BUILD file):
* To install in a local Maven repository (requires Maven Ant tasks):

  $ ant maven-install

for sure it works with 2.0.x branch, and one time fixed the dependency it
will work even in trunk.

> 3) all you have to do is to add new dependency stanza ...
ok, we'll do it. thanks for now. But remember to commit the fix under the
same jira issue that introduce the dependency.

> 3) the way to test this is to create a maven project which uses new pivot
build with new dependency and to confirm that it still builds with "mvn
clean install".
many time ago I wrote even a simple maven archetype for Pivot, but there
was not enough interests (as always we need a successful vote before
publishing stuff), so I couldn't publish it in maven repository ... but
it's in svn, you can find it, and even a minimal test application (one for
Java, and another in Scala :-) ):



> 4) I tried to convince Greg to mavenize pivot long time back, yet he was
not interested.
yes, I tried too ...
Note that in our ant script we have many other commands, even for doing
source/binary release and other tasks, so I'm not sure it worth the effort
All major build tasks now use maven repository (maven, gradle, sbt) so a +1
for it from me ... but currently I can't do it due to a lack of time, so if
someone is interested to start split tasks moving to maven, any help is
welcome (and a related JIRA issue) ...

Note that official Pivot-2.0.3 jars will be published in main maven
repository just after the related release (with a successful vote), in the
meantime you must use them from a local repository.


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