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From Roger Whitcomb <rwhitc...@apache.org>
Subject Any idea why we have WTKListenerList
Date Sat, 13 May 2017 06:04:15 GMT
Hi all,

     I'm looking at WTKListenerList.java and it says it was implemented 
to add thread-safety to the ListenerList abstract class.  But, AFAICT it 
does no such thing; it's simply an alias for ListenerList<T>.  Is this 
something that just never got implemented (the "thread safety" aspect)?  
Or is thread safety not needed in these cases?  Or ....?

     Trying to simplify code, for 2.1, so I'm thinking about getting rid 
of it, unless I need to worry about thread safety not being in here....


  * This is a customized subclass of ListenerList that adds 
thread-safety checks
  * for the WTK components.
public class WTKListenerList<T> extends ListenerList<T> {
     // empty block

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