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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: [DRAFT] [ANNOUNCE] Apache PLC4X 0.7.0 Released!
Date Mon, 25 May 2020 08:29:09 GMT
Hi Lukas,

I think this information is a little too much for the typical Announce email.

This is usually aimed at consumers of project artifacts and they don't really care about the

I can add a notice that if someone is interested on this topic to check our documentation
or contact us on our list.

I did however notice I should add a notice on the changed connection-string and sometimes
address string syntax ... should mention that.


´╗┐Am 25.05.20, 10:16 schrieb "Lukas Ott" <>:


    Somewhat I am missing a little bit linkage to mspec-format ("the how we
    create generated drivers" -> We established the mspec-format as the basis
    for generating drivers more can be found here: .
    This enables developers to easily develop new drivers.)

    Additionally off-topic remark: for me personally -> what is needed to
    transfer the driver generation to other languages (basically what are the
    steps you are currently working on for the C language and what steps are
    needed to to bring other language like Python there?
    (e.g. Step 1: Definition of API, Step 2: Definition of , ...)

    Thanks Chris for the effort :) + Good job PLC4X Team it is an awesome
    journey so far.


    Am Mo., 25. Mai 2020 um 09:51 Uhr schrieb Christofer Dutz <>:

    > The Apache PLC4X team is pleased to announce the release of Apache PLC4X
    > 0.7.0
    > PLC4X is a set of libraries for communicating with industrial programmable
    > logic controllers (PLCs) using a variety of protocols but with a shared
    > API.
    > This is the last release of PLC4X with the "handwritten" drivers.
    > This Minor release will thus receive updates and fixes until
    > most users have switched to 0.7 and above (with generated drivers).
    > This is probably the biggest release we had so far. It marks a milestone
    > in providing
    > Driver implementations for multiple target languages, as with this release
    > all
    > existing drivers have been deleted and replaced by new generated drivers.
    > We also took the opportunity to fix some of the problems we noticed on the
    > old drivers.
    > However we suggest to update with caution and not instantly go into
    > production
    > without previously testing. As with all new things, even if we did a
    > serious amount
    > of testing, there might be issues hidden in the details. If you should
    > find any
    > regression issues, please report them as we are planning on speeding up
    > the release-
    > train significantly with this release. For the time being the 0.6.0 branch
    > will continue
    > to be maintained until feedback from the community makes us feel safe with
    > focusing solely on the new drivers.
    > Regards,
    > The Apache PLC4X team
    > [1]<>
    > [2]

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