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From Glen Stampoultzis <gst...@iprimus.com.au>
Subject Re: The Jakarta newsletter and oversite [IMPORTANT]
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2003 03:06:04 GMT
I'm happy to take on the task now and then but probably would not be able 
to do it every month.  It would be good if someone could take on the task 
of reminding the list that a volunteer is required.  I'm too forgetful to 
remember that it needs doing.



At 06:39 PM 5/01/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi guys,
>Every month we write a Jakarta newsletter that has been extended to
>a report to the board as well.  This serves the purpose of "oversite" as 
>well as to provide this project with visibility.
>I've written it like 3 months, avik 1, and the rest 0.
>I'd like to see this responsibility shared.
>How can we do this such that the same person doesn't have to write it 
>every month?  Or is there someone who would like to write it every month?
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>Subject: Re: oversight (was: [Tapestry-contrib] Re: Tapestry?)
>Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2003 18:15:48 -0500
>From: Sam Ruby <rubys@apache.org>
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>To: general@incubator.apache.org
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><3E1810A2.4010109@cortexebusiness.com.au> <20030105144256.E14865@lyra.org>
>Greg Stein wrote:
> >
> >>What problems do you see that Jakarta has managing what it has? BTW, 
> this is
> >>a genuine question, not flamebait. I have seen this statement repeated 
> often
> >>and would like to understand its basis.
> >
> > The Jakarta PMC is *way* overburdened. Any notion that they are truly
> > monitoring *all* of Jakarta is right out the window. This is immediately
> > obvious at the Board level when we get a one-sentence report at the Board
> > meeting about the state of Jakarta (see the November 2002 minutes).
>I answered this before.  Now I will answer it here.
>Now I'm off to go nominate everyone who has consistently contributed to
>writing the newsletter as PMC members.  ;-)
>- Sam Ruby
>P.S.  Greg, I very much appreciate your style.  Wait until pretty much
>everything that can be said has been (which is generally long before the
>conversation actually stops), and then give everyone equal measures of
>of a kick in the behind.  +1
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