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From "A. Rothman" <amic...@amichais.net>
Subject Re: POI TNEF Contribution
Date Sat, 21 Jun 2003 14:35:25 GMT
1. Of course.

2. I'll do my best. However, I'll be happy to see others take a good look at
the code, which is pretty straightforward I think, and share their insight.
My hunch is that there may be some initial structural/high level API
changes, but once an initial release is made it won't require too much
maintenance - the TNEF format itself is pretty stale as far as I can tell,
and since it's based on 'transparent' encapsulation of MAPI properties it
will not require any modification with new MS-Office releases (new MAPI
props may be transported, but the interpretation of these props are up to
the implementation anyway - the JTNEF package simply provides access to
The only other major issue I can think of is that it currently only supports
reading TNEF streams, not writing them. However it seems to me most Java
developers would only need to open received TNEF email messages (both client
and server side), while writing a Java email client that sends messages that
can be read only by MS products sounds a bit awkward.
But of course we'll give the people whatever they need :)

Some of the descriptions are a bit vague but working with real streams and
the C headers sorted it out.

4. Sure, though I may need a little help till I get the hang of it - I
haven't been active in any Apache project before.


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From: "Glen Stampoultzis" <gstamp@iinet.net.au>
To: "POI Developers List" <poi-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2003 6:11 AM
Subject: Re: POI TNEF Contribution

> Sounds like a reasonable fit.  Some questions/issues:
> 1. I noticed it's GPL.  Are you willing to change the license to the
> license and assign copyright to the Apache Foundation?  I think there's
> some paper work to be signed.
> 2. Do you come with this source code and are you willing to hang around
> the long term to help support this code?
> 3. Is there any documentation on the TNEF format?  If not are you looking
> at writing some?
> 4. Are you willing a abide by the apache constitution?
> (http://java.apache.org/main/constitution.html)
> Well done on unlocking this format for Java programmers.  The more MS
> formats we can unlock the better.
> Regards,
> Glen Stampoultzis
> At 09:34 PM 20/06/2003, you wrote:
> >Hi!
> >
> >I'm developing a Java implementation for MS-TNEF mail extraction. TNEF,
> >though not based on the POIFS (it's a different format), does seem to
> >with the rest of the POI packages - it's an obscure MS format used by
> >Office's Outlook and Outlook Express and Exchange servers, for sending
> >whenever formatting (rich text) or MS-specific mail extensions (like
> >buttons) are added to a mail. The problem is, as with the other MS
> >that the rest of the world can't read those mails - once TNEF is used,
> >entire mail contents other than the basic headers, including all
> >attachments, are added into the TNEF file (usually named WINMAIL.DAT -
run a
> >web search to see how much trouble this causes people...).
> >
> >I've found several C/C++ utilities to extract the attachments (and other
> >contents) out of the TNEF file, but couldn't find any Java
> >So I decided to write one as an open source project
> >(http://www.freeutils.net/source/jtnef/), and I would like to contribute
> >to the POI project, which seems like the perfect place for it, where it
> >both grow and reach all those developers seeking a solution to yet
> >MS conundrum...
> >
> >Please let me know what you think. I hope this is the right forum for my
> >suggestion - if not, please accept my appologies and direct me to the
> >one :)
> >
> >Thanx!
> >
> >Amichai
> >
> >
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