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From Tetsuya Kitahata <tets...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Proposal: All DOCUMENTS TO UTF-8
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 20:10:15 GMT

Well, this is why I stick to be the translations of the japanese
off from apache.org.
If I put the japanese translations (Shift_JIS or EUC_JP) on apache.org,
I thought I had to convert them all to unicode escape seq style. I know
how to deal with the unicode escape seq, but I was not sure the others
could do the same. (Shift_JIS -> escape seq., escape seq. -> Shift_JIS)

Of course, I am thinking about what you said. So, I proposed
"'translations guideline should be changed slightly to be fit to it??"

My favorite text editor is made in japan. Maybe most of the text editors
created by the japanese can not deal with the Ntildes etc.
(But, fortunately, my favorite Mail Client can deal with them, made in

It goes for the codebase itself, too. Just Latin vs non-Latin problem.


-- Tetsuya (tetsuya@apache.org)

P.S. Sorry, I do not want to mail in Kanji to apache.org
mailing lists. It would be  just noisy. If you wish, I'll do it as a
personal mail to you, attached.


On Tue, 17 Jun 2003 21:28:04 +0200
(Subject: Re: Proposal: All DOCUMENTS TO UTF-8)
Agustín Martín <agusmba@terra.es> wrote:

> Even though I have no vote, I would say stick with ISO-8859-1 or similar.
> Writing documentation in xml is fine, but if a translator has to start 
> converting all his chars (ñ, á, é, í, ó, ú) to unicode, it will be a bit 
> of a hassle.
> ¿Tetsuya, out of curiosity, what is your favourite editor that doesn't 
> support latin1?
> If localized files/docs could use local STANDARD encodings, it would 
> make life easier on translators. Tetsuya, you could write directly in 
> kanji (is that the right name?) :-)
> My 2 cents,
>    Agustín.

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